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Our patent for purely optical routing and future project 2020

In times of ever-increasing transmission rates optical converters are often a bottleneck in the system. Fiberoptic waveguides allow transmission rates of up to 73,7 Terabit per second. O/E converters limit these speeds massively. Thus, purely optical networks gain more and more importance.

FiberCon is currently cooperating with FernUniversit├Ąt in Hagen (distance education university) in the field of all-optical infrastructures for a future-oriented IT infrastructure without energy-intensive conversion.

The FiberCon Switch accomplishes a complete cross connection scheme using our patented planar-integrated-fiber-optic (PIFSO) system.

Combining micro-optical components with commercial digital switching elements makes the electrical conversion of the optic signal unnecessary, and, since the PIFSO system uses air as the optical medium, low-loss signal transmission is guaranteed. Thus, the high transmission rates of fiberoptic technology are used to full potential. 

Schematic of the PIFSO system

PIFSO System
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