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FiberCon CrossCon®

Our patent for a structured data center infrastructure

Providing future-proof Ethernet at continuously rising transmission speeds in data centers makes CrossCon® almost indispensable for the required high-performance fully meshed network infrastructures in modern data centers. CrossCon® logically and intelligently bundles all connections required due to the quadratic rise in the number of point-to-point connections in Spine-Leaf topologies with its patented redundant cross connection system. This not only makes data center planning easier and more structured in advance but also reduces by far subsequent installation requirements in materials, time and effort. The passive CrossCon® system accomplishes all this while complying with the latest norms DIN 50 600, ISO/IEC TS 22237 and Ansi/Tia-942 at high availability of 99,99 % (Availability Class 4) and at a speed of 1.6 Tbit/s.
Thus, CrossCon® is the perfect infrastructure solution for a high-performance Gb/s Switch Fabric

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Your CrossCon® advantages

CrossCon® as purely passive system constitutes the main distributor of the Spine-Leaf network containing the complete switching scheme in its core. This makes it unnecessary to touch the complex scheme of the complete system after the initial installation. New switches to expand the data center can be added easily at any time. The DIN 50 600 bzw. ISO/IEC TS 22237 und Tia-942requirement for spatial separation of all components literally calls for CrossCon’s® cascadic modularity. The possibility to have redundant circuitry over several devices is one of the biggest strengths of the CrossCon® cross connection system. At the same time classical Single Points of Failures (SPoF) are avoided.   
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