CrossCon® technology

Technical details

CrossCon® types

The following image shows FiberCon‘s CrossCon® system as 1 rack unit CrossCon®MTP®/MPO device in the SMAP-G2 UHD version including 8 Shuffle Cassettes. This MTP®/MPO CrossCon® option was realized using PreCONNECT® OCTO 4+4 Fiber MTP® cabling. It connects 32 Spine-Ports to 32 Leaf-Ports with a fiber optic Tx and Rx channel. The modules are available as Singlemode PSM4/DR4 or with Multimode SR4 cabling. Further options, such as 16 fiber MTP® cabling, are currently in development.
A Spine-Leaf sample application is shown in CrossCon® section „Application examples“.


FiberCon CrossCon® prototype with URM® 8x8-SMF connections

Download: CrossCon® URM 8x8 data sheet


FiberCon CrossCon® MTP® 8x4x4-SMF/-MMF

Technical details:

  • 19“ housing, 1 rack unit
  • Front panel connectors: MTP®/MPO multi-fiber connectors
  • Available as MMF or SMF version with < 1,5 dB insertion loss
  • Capacity: 8 Module Cassettes = 32 SR4/PSM4/DR4 Spine-Ports to 32 Leaf-Ports
  • Up to 128 cross connections with 1.024 fibers
  • "ReDop-Readiness: redundant Green-IT with 25% less energy consumption "
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