Speeding up the digital world

High-tech solutions in optical data transmission

Efficient solutions for optical data transmission in your company

We offer new and patented possibilities for modern data center cabling.
From classic Layer-3 architecture to core data center based on the new Spine-Leaf architecture, we realize comprehensible and optimized connection paths specially configured for your business. With our innovative ReDop networks, we offer the revolution of classic parallel optical signal routing. And not only that…
We guarantee signal path and transceiver savings of 25% and more with our ReDop networks. We live up to our motto: “speeding up the digital world”.

Our solutions – summarized

CrossCon Redundanz - ReDop

ReDop Netzworks

At least 25 % saving potential
in redundant 100G network cabling using the CrossCon®

System Stability

99,99 % system stability in the Spine-Leaf architecture ...

Possible savings

Potential savings by using our CrossCon® in ReDop networks ...

CrossCon® by FiberCon

Our patent for a structured data center infrastructure


As manufacturer of fiberoptic connection systems, FiberCon GmbH delivers innovative components for efficient data center operation. The new CrossCon® system is a highlight in this area, offering numerous advantages in structured data center cabling. The current norm for data center cabling, DIN EN 50 600 / ISO/IEC TS 22237 / Ansi/Tia–942, stipulates a structured topology with allocated local cabling and main distribution cabling. According to the norm, these divisions are to be realized with cross connects as patch distributors.

SwiTch by FiberCon

Our patent for purely optical routing

In times of ever-increasing transmission rates in data centers, opto-electronic converters become the bottleneck of the system. Optical waveguides reach transmission rates of up to 73,7 Terabit per second. O/E converters are a massive limitation to these speeds. Thus, purely optical networks gain in importance.

SwiTch Schemazeichnung

Press and current news

The blockage-free Spine-Leaf architecture goes Europe!
Today we would like to briefly introduce the concept of Spine-Leaf Architecture.

Herausforderungen für die Verkabelung in der Spine-Leaf-Architektur

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